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Conduct Change provides consultancy and training solutions to support you assess, develop and improve psychological safety, emotional intelligence and behavioural/cultural alignment in your organisation.  

Our services

We offer a comprehensive range of tailored services and solutions to help all organisations.


Discover how the 3Rs Model of Dynamic Conduct Change programme can help you and your organisation...

We provide training solutions rooted in the prevention of workplace bullying.  Developed in partnership with academics and experts whose work focuses on prevention and resolution of workplace bullying.

Nicki Eyre, Founder and Director of Conduct Change, has experienced both opportunity and adversity during her career, including her own experience of feeling bullied at work.  She recognises the scale of the problem at both an organisational and individual level and is able to bring her wealth of experience to her talks.

She also leads the work of the Stop Hurt at Work campaign as they research and campaign for the implementation of effective routes to redress for individuals, both in terms of approach and legislation.

​She has spoken at events both in the UK and internationally.

What Our Clients Say



“Nicki’s approach was really successful in helping to raise awareness and move us forward, both individually and as a team.  Being able to communicate with each other, without judgment, allowed us to look at the problems, and we were supported to set achievable goals that we could put into place quickly.  It’s been a really effective programme to enable change to take place, and we would definitely work with Nicki again.”
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