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Moving On from Workplace Bullying

The emotional impact of workplace bullying often lasts for considerably longer than the experience itself, and can continue to have a detrimental effect on health, emotional wellbeing, home life and work performance without support to move forward.

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individual support

This programme supports an individual to move on after experiencing bullying in the workplace through rebuilding confidence and resilience, and supporting them to step back into their own power.


We explore:

  • Emotional impact of bullying and choosing how to feel

  • Valuing yourself and your strengths

  • Increasing self awareness and changing patterns of behaviour

  • Self compassion, forgiveness and self confidence

  • Building trust, confidence and resilience

  • Planning ahead with confidence – changes you commit to/want to make


This programme is open to individuals who have left their employment but are still struggling to move on*.  However, it is not a replacement for clinical or medical intervention, and you should seek support from these professionals if required.

We recognise that everyone is in a very different position, both emotionally and financially, when they need the programme. The programme is therefore being moved to an online platform to allow greater accessibility and affordability and should be available early in 2024.  

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Attending the 6 week Moving On programme came at exactly the right moment for me. I had recently resigned from my job and my confidence was extremely low after several months of bullying.  The course helped me to learn how to value and lean into my strengths again and recognise what makes me unique. It also increased my own self-awareness about what’s important to me through getting clear on my values and enabled me to build back the trust in myself.


Most importantly, I'm feeling like me again after months of self-doubt where I questioned both my own sanity and abilities.  I feel that I can now move forward and do it with confidence and self-belief.

Thanks for an amazing, empowering and informative course, and for your support. I have learned so much which will help

me move forward with greater awareness and confidence. 

Nicki helped me overcome a past work-bullying experience through asking me simple questions that made me turn a negative experience into a positive one. She is definitely the Guru in Bullying at Work and how to avoid it and deal with it, whether as a management team or as an employee. Thank you Nicki for all the brilliant help you gave me

Moving On has provided a life changing experience for me. When I came across the program I was at my worst from my experience. I lacked the resources in my area for even knowing where to begin. Emailing Nicki was the first step, and it opened a door to healing for me from that first day. The sessions and experience within the group setting was utmost professional and incredibly empowering. What I learned and experienced during our time provided me with valuable insights and knowledge to help me to move forward and begin feeling whole again. I could not be more grateful for Moving On and Nicki! 

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