changing behaviour to create more courageous and compassionate approaches To prevent workplace bullying

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NOV 2020 



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confidential chat

We recognise that workplace bullying is a sensitive topic for many businesses.  If you are concerned that you may have a bullying issue in your workplace we are here to advise.

We offer a free and confidential discussion to understand the issues and explain what options are available for you.

conduct change model

Awareness raising, training, and coaching using a bespoke model developed through extensive practical experience combined with the latest research into workplace bullying.


The Conduct Change Model acknowledges the need for the development of both individuals and companies in parallel to create sustainable behavioural change.  Together, we will work to ensure a value-led culture and a workplace where people feel safe to speak up.

moving on

We recognise that the time an individual needs help the most may be when they can least afford it.


We therefore commit to fund Moving On programmes for individuals who have had to leave employment and are in need of support to move forward.


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