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Better Business Behaviours

through the prevention of workplace bullying

We know that many employers set out with positive intentions to create a happy, healthy and productive workforce, but the reality is that often the behaviours and conduct are disconnected with the aim and objectives of the employers. 

  • How much do misaligned behaviours cost?

  • How do we bridge the gap between intent and conduct?

With more pressure on organisations to define success that includes environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance, our services provide frameworks and solutions that are underpinned by our expertise in workplace behavioural development, rooted in the prevention of workplace bullying.  These help our clients deliver on their goals and aspirations by focusing on Key Behavioural Indicators (KBIs) to drive and unlock performance.

Did you know that...


of employees in the UK have experienced workplace bullying or harassment


of those bullied or harassed in the last three years did not report it


admit to taking

their frustrations out on customers

Conduct Change provides consultancy, coaching and training solutions rooted in the prevention of workplace bullying.  All of our work is aligned with, and supports you to embed, our 3Rs Model of Dynamic Conduct Change™, particularly under Recognise reflecting the priority that this pillar should be given in your business.


We support you to assess, develop and improve psychological safety, emotional intelligence and behavioural/cultural alignment in your organisation.  We help you to create compassionate and courageous workplaces fit for the future of work.

Our behaviour driven approach positively impacts employee engagement, mental health and wellbeing, customer satisfaction, ESG goals and, ultimately, productivity and profitability. 

“I am not stating this too strongly but there is no way we would have done this work, or even realistically started it if it had not been for Conduct Change. 

We are much more together as a leadership team, everyone wants, and has bought into it. I think that what we have learned so far and how we are interacting has been so advantageous. We have the tools to be able to change our own behaviour which is where we need to start, and most of us didn’t think we needed to”

Nik Peasgood, CEO - LWA


Change from a reactive to a proactive culture to prevent bullying within your company. 

Our training raises awareness of bullying behaviours and how to stop spending time fire-fighting workplace conflicts.


Our consultancy supports you to embed value driven behaviours and emotionally intelligent leadership to create a psychologically safe working environment where everyone feels that they will be heard, valued and respected when they speak up.


Our Charter for Change can also help you achieve your ESG goals.  Bring behavioural risk management into your Social strategy by implementing actions rooted in the prevention of workplace bullying and harassment.


Early intervention is critical.


Conflict will still occur but there are many approaches to resolution available to prevent escalation, from direct discussions to facilitated meetings; intervention coaching and mediation.  

Formal processes must be a last resort.

Redefine conflict to make it about the subject not the person.  In a psychologically safe workplace conflict is a positive influence on creativity, innovation and competitiveness. 



Formal processes are adversarial and punitive and no longer fit for purpose.  

If a case has reached formal processes, and early resolution has failed, then you need to switch your focus to recovery.

Workplace Bullying can cause trauma and this has an impact on people involved in the case, as well as witnesses and bystanders.  Help them recover their confidence and trust in themselves and the organisation.


Organisations need to rebuild their reputation, especially when information has been shared online. Action is needed.  We can help


Our Services

 Workplace Bullying 

Inhouse workshops for your company to improve awareness of bullying and ensure preventive behaviours become part of the company culture rather than relying on policies and procedures

We help clients to assess develop and improve psychological safety in their teams and organisations using The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety™ survey, training and support 



Specialist 1:1 Intervention Coaching and Group Recovery programmes in cases of Workplace Bullying

Improve leadership through the development of Emotional Intelligence:

Work with an accredited LeaderFactor EQometer™ Coach to asses and improve EQ


The Charter for Change programme is a critical and objective strategic partnership helping you to build a framework of interventions designed to change behaviours and positively impact culture over time.  We take a cross-department, multi-strategy approach to the programme which reduces the impact on anyone function eg HR or Health and Safety.

Our programmes are tailored to your business, but typically include an audit against the 3Rs Model, Conduct Agreement, Interventions Action Planning and bespoke Toolkit, and Key Behavioural Indicators for Impact Measurement.


The Charter for Change programme has been designed in partnership with academics and experts whose work focuses on prevention and resolution of workplace bullying. Our focus is on psychological safety and the development of behavioural change indicators that relate to creativity, innovation and competitiveness. 

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