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Transforming behaviours in business

Conduct Change provides consultancy, coaching and training solutions that improve organisational success, team effectiveness, employee and customer experiences and social purpose. 

Our team of specialists assess, develop and improve psychological safety, emotional intelligence and behavioural/cultural alignment in organisations.  We create compassionate and courageous workplaces for the future.

The work we do is rooted in the prevention of workplace bullying.

We are part of a growing global community of business leaders, senior academics, legal, HR and occupational health and safety professionals committed to improving the employer/employee relationship.

Did you know that...


of employees in the UK have experienced workplace bullying or harassment


of those bullied or harassed in the last three years did not report it


admit to taking

their frustrations out on customers

These experiences can negatively impact employee engagement, customer satisfaction, mental health and wellbeing and, ultimately, productivity and profitability. 

To find out how to asses the impact of the human experience in your organisation, please contact us.

Are you looking to improve the human experience of your workplace?

Are you looking to understand how psychological safety supports employee wellbeing?

Do you want to improve leadership skills and emotional intelligence in the workplace?
Is your organisations spending time fire-fighting workplace conflict?


Do you need objective and specialist support to resolve difficult situations quickly and return your organisation to a productive and healthy state?

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Our range of consultancy, training and coaching solutions help our clients deliver on their goals and aspirations by focusing on Key Behavioural Indicators (KBIs) to drive and unlock performance.


Coupled with our pioneering, research backed Charter programme, we take a holistic approach to measure and improve people based initiatives in the workplace.


Whether you are a start-up looking to create cultural expectations from day one, merging with other organisations and want to align individual behaviours with the newly formed organisational intent or you just want to know how to create and measure the most effective human experience interventions in the workplace then please do get in touch to find out how we can help.

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“I am not stating this too strongly but there is no way we would have done this work, or even realistically started it if it had not been for Conduct Change. 


We are much more together as a leadership team, everyone wants, and has bought into it. I think that what we have learned so far and how we are interacting has been so advantageous. We have the tools to be able to change our own behaviour which is where we need to start, and most of us didn’t think we needed to”

Nik Peasgood, CEO - LWA

Our Services

Charter for Change

Our pioneering, research backed consultancy programme increases organisational effectiveness, reduces time spent managing conflict and increases employee engagement

Develop and improve psychological safety in your teams and organisation


Support employee wellbeing programmes and unlock creativity and innovation


Assessments from just

£20 per person

Preventing Workplace Bullying 

Do you know the difference between banter, a microaggression or bullying?

Find out how our assessment, webinars and workshops help to raise awareness, prevent conflict and lead effectively

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  • e-Learning demo: Bullying Awareness & Cyber Safety
    e-Learning demo: Bullying Awareness & Cyber Safety
    Cyber Safety e-Learning
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    Cyber Safety e-Learning
    Online courses covering bullying awareness, cybersecurity, social engineering, compliance, data protection, GDPR and many more.
  • Bullying Awareness Workshop
    Bullying Awareness Workshop
    2 facilitated interactive workshops on Zoom
    Run on demand. Please contact us.
    2 facilitated interactive workshops on Zoom
    Understanding bullying, harassment and cyberbullying; why the current approaches don't work; creating more compassionate approaches to itervention and resolution. This is run across 2 facilitated, interactive workshops via Zoom. Please contact us for further information and prices.