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Better Business Behaviours

through the prevention of workplace bullying

Why it's critical

Reduce risk, costs and reputational damage. 

Workplace conflict costs the UK £28.5bn.  These range from astronomical costs of sickness absence and presenteeism through to replacing a high turnover of staff.

Poor mental health accounts for more than half of all work-related illnesses. Around 51% of long-term sick leave is due to stress, depression, or anxiety.


Customers losing trust in your organisation leads to lost business.  CBI - once a leading light as the voice of business - is now battling to survive and has lost multiple clients and the trust of government. 

Drive productivity and reduce attrition 

Investing in a healthy inclusive workplace culture has been proven to improve innovation and productivity.  People want to work with you - giving you access to top talent. Employees remain loyal and invest in achieving your organisation's mission.

Achieve World Class standards

There are many guidelines to implement policies for bullying and harassment but prevention and risk management are the most effective using approaches including ISO 45003.  


You need to ensure that inclusion, diversity and psychological safety are not just checkboxes on a list.  It is an ongoing organisational-wide need from recognising the behaviours, dealing with situation(s) and the subsequent ramifications. The parties involved require training and ongoing support.


We provide live online courses you can opt into; bespoke online course for organisation groups or in house - for whichever suits you best.   View all our courses 




“I am not stating this too strongly but there is no way we would have done this work, or even realistically started it if it had not been for Conduct Change. 

We are much more together as a leadership team, everyone wants, and has bought into it. I think that what we have learned so far and how we are interacting has been so advantageous. We have the tools to be able to change our own behaviour which is where we need to start, and most of us didn’t think we needed to”

Nik Peasgood, CEO - LWA


Training Courses & Consultancy

We provide training solutions rooted in the prevention of workplace bullying.  Developed in partnership with academics and experts.

Our bespoke consultancy, uses our pioneering '3Rs Model of Dynamic Conduct Change' to audit your organisation and provide an action plan with iterative re-assesment of the impact your changes will have. 

Keynote Speaking

Nicki Eyre knows first hand the scale of the bullying in the workplace at both an organisational and individual level.  Using her own personal experience she brings this trauma into her empathetic and practical talks. 


She founded Conduct Change to drive preventitive strategies for all types of organisation and she leads the Stop Hurt at Work campaign to have bullying recognised by law. 

Purpose Led

We are campaigning for formal recognition of workplace bullying as a problem that injures individuals and damages organisations.

The law does not provide sufficient protection or redress for people whose employers let bullying go unchecked, making the process of seeking legal remedy in these cases unduly complex and arduous. We are working with lawyers and legislators to identify and close the gaps in legislation.

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Webinars and Podcasts

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