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Small steps with huge impact

With more pressure on organisations to define success that includes environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance, our consultancy services provide frameworks and solutions that are underpinned by our work in workplace behavioural development.  These help our clients deliver on their goals and aspirations by focusing on Key Behavioural Indicators (KBIs) to drive and unlock performance.


We know that many employers set out with positive intentions to create a happy, healthy and productive workforce, but the reality is that often the behaviours and conduct are disconnected with the aim and objectives of the employers. 


  • How much do misaligned behaviours cost?

  • How do we bridge the gap between intent and conduct?

Our pioneering Charter for Change programme is a comprehensive, tailored consultancy approach that provides; 

  • a customised model that focuses on education and awareness of great behaviours that lead to enhanced team performance

  • development, measurement and review of cultural and behavioural change

  • a framework of interventions designed to change behaviours and positively impact culture over time

  • a multi disciplinary approach that is developed and embedded organisation wide

  • a platform for organisations to demonstrate commitment and share learning

  • access to the latest academic research into effective and non effective behavioural interventions

  • critical and objective strategic partnership

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The Charter programme has been designed in partnership with academics and experts whose work focuses on prevention and resolution of workplace bullying. Our focus is therefore built upon psychological safety and the development of behavioural change indicators that relate to creativity, innovation and competitiveness.

We take a cross-department, multi-strategy approach to the programme which reduces the impact on anyone function eg HR or Health and Safety. Ownership is therefore distributed across the organisation and sponsored at executive level.

Charter for Change Programme 

Each participating organisation will:


  • become a signatory of the Charter which can be used and recognised as part of an organisational employee value proposition

  • be supported to implement and embed the 3Rs Model of Dynamic Conduct Change

  • be aided in developing a bespoke toolkit, with access to support tools, resources and templates

  • benefit from receiving and providing peer support from other organisations

  • be invited to contribute their results and findings of the programme to advance academic research


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"We pledge our commitment to creating courageous and compassionate workplaces, where the human experience is one of dignity and respect.


We commit to make continuous changes to our individual conduct and the conduct of our organisation to ensure respectful and safe working environments. We will achieve this through the establishment of behavioural standards and frameworks that support inclusive, healthy and productive relationships between individuals and organisations.


Our action, courage and commitment show our pledge against workplace bullying and harassment in our organisations and everyone who works with us.


We are embedding this commitment throughout our entire organisation to ensure continuous and dynamic conduct change"

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Conduct is the foundation of culture.  We support you with providing clarity about expected behaviours, aligned with your business values. These will form the basis of your Key Behavioural Indicators (KBIs)

We start with an audit based on the model below to see what you already have in place, their impact, and identify areas for improvement through targeted interventions. 

3R’s model of Dynamic Conduct Change


Recognise and reduce the risk of negative experiences.

Promote the adoption of positive behaviours linked to creative, competitive and successful workplaces


Providing the appropriate support and environment to prevent conflict escalating and to reach resolutions without losing employees or negatively impacting the organisation. 


Damage limitation and repair to restore productivity, morale / engagement and organisational reputation. Post-experience support for employee

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In order to track progress, we will support you to create an action plan of interventions and embed a behavioural framework to enable the measurement of their impact.

This is not a quick fix initiative.  It is supporting you to embed new behaviours and working practices for the long term.

We also work with academic researchers to analyse data collected to  identify the most effective combination of interventions.

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What is an intervention?
Any intentional action taken in order to improve a situation or prevent it from getting worse


We offer specialist interventions based on behaviour change, and full details are available by clicking on the images below.

*Additional fees may be payable, and these are also available as standalone options

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Board level sponsorship is essential to this programme, therefore we support you to create Key Behavioural Indicators (KBIs) to be regularly reviewed as part of the organisation's overall approach to risk management.

Our consultancy approach is underpinned by our charity, the Conduct Change Foundation. The foundation provides extensive research, lobbying and campaigning into workplace bullying as well as support for individuals who have been impacted by negative experiences at work.

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