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Our clients have found a bespoke and iterative approach achieves optimal results and provides the psychologically safe environment for your employees to thrive. 

An objective audit of how the land currently lies and a set of specific and tailored recommendations provides laser focus on correcting any issues. Ongoing support ensures your organisational culture improves and adapts.


We work with you to make sure our consultancy services integrate with your employees and transfer the skills to help them recognise and deal with difficult situations.


Small steps with huge impact

We know that many employers set out with positive intentions to create a happy, healthy and productive workforce, but the reality is that often the behaviours and conduct are disconnected with the aim and objectives of the employers. 

Our consultancy services provide frameworks and solutions that are underpinned by our work in workplace behavioural development, rooted in the prevention of workplace bullying.  These help our clients deliver on their goals and aspirations by focusing on behaviour change to drive and unlock performance.


Change from a reactive to a proactive culture to prevent bullying within your company. 


Early intervention is critical. Formal processes must be a last resort.


 Help individuals recover their confidence and trust.  Support organisations to rebuild their reputation.

3Rs ModelTM 


Our pioneering 3Rs Model of Dynamic Conduct Change programme is a comprehensive, tailored consultancy approach designed to change behaviours, prevent bullying, and positively impact culture over time. We support you to take a multi-disciplinary, risk management approach and measure impact using Key Behavioural Indicators.

How we help

  • 3Rs Interventions Audit and Report 

  • Conduct Agreement

  • Action Plan and Bespoke Toolkit/Framework of interventions based on the 3Rs Model

  • Critical and objective strategic partnership to embed across your organisation

All of our work is underpinned by our purpose, providing extensive research, lobbying and campaigning into workplace bullying.

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