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Nicki Eyre

Founder, Conduct Change

Nicki Eyre had a varied career before founding Conduct Change, working in finance before moving into education and training roles with senior management experience in the public, private and charity sectors. During her career, she has experienced both opportunity and adversity, including her own experience of feeling bullied at work, and is able to bring this wealth of experience to her role as a consultant, coach, speaker and trainer.

She founded Conduct Change as a result of her passion for working with individuals and businesses to prevent and resolve workplace bullying, with a mission to end workplace bullying through the development of meaningful prevention activities for organisations to ensure that everyone feels heard, valued and respected in the workplace.

She also leads the work of the Conduct Change Foundation as they research and campaign for the implementation of effective routes to redress for individuals, both in terms of approach and legislation, as well as supporting individuals to move on when they are struggling emotionally.  

She has spoken at events both in the UK and nationally through a range of media from events to podcasts to radio interviews, from keynote speaker to a panel member.


In addition to speaking at events, she delivers:

  • The Conduct Change Charter

  • Psychological Safety training and assessments

  • Emotional intelligence assessment and coaching

  • Bullying Awareness workshops
  • 1:1 intervention coaching

Contact Nicki if you would like her to speak at your event.


The Need to address workplace bullying

At Conduct Change, our mission is to end workplace bullying through the development of meaningful prevention activities for employers and the implementation of effective routes to redress for employees.  Nicki shares her own experiences and how they led her to believe that it was time to challenge current practice and legislation around workplace bullying.


Creating a healthy cyber-culture

Most employees have witnessed or experienced some kind of workplace bullying or harassment in their careers, and around 30% have experienced cyber-bullying according to 2018 figures. With reduced physical interaction and more or our working lives moving online creating a healthy cyber-culture for your workplace is a  critical consideration.


Conduct - the Foundation of Culture

Conduct drives culture. The foundation of culture is the way in which everyone, and particularly the leaders, conduct themselves.  Prevention of bullying behaviours should be at the heart of any culture shift with value-led behaviours modelled by leaders and embedded throughout the organisation.

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Qualifications and training

  • LeaderFactor 4 Stages of Psychological Safety™ Certified Coach and Trainer

  • LeaderFactor EQometer™ Certified Coach

  • ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring

  • mBIT Certified Coach

  • Equine Facilitated Coaching Certificate

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education

  • BA Hons Behaviour in Organisations


Fellow of Royal Society of Arts

Member of International Association on Workplace Bullying & Harassment IAWBH (see www.iawbh.org/)