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Ten strategies to improve:

the human experience of the workplace

The employer / employee relationship is critical to organisational success. Responsible organisations focus on improving the human experience of the workplace as a powerful way to build credibility, trust, and value for businesses.

There are 10 strategies to help create compassionate and courageous workplaces for the future.

Strategy 1: Set the tone from the top

Board members and executive teams must role model the behaviours expected throughout the rest of the organisation. This will require commitment from the top; for emotionally intelligent leaders to be aware of, and held to account for, their own behaviours.

If you’re looking at your leadership team and wondering if they have what it takes to lead the current and future organisation, or fear that at senior level you represent an outdated approach and don’t know how to reinvent yourselves, then bringing in external, objective behavioural specialists can help.

About Conduct Change

As a workplace conduct consultancy business with a strong social purpose, Conduct Change provides assessment, coaching and specialist training solutions that align behaviours and actions with organisation’s intent and values.

Backed by the latest research into psychological safety, emotional intelligence and effective interventions into improving workplace conduct, clients increase profitability and employee engagement, unlock creativity and innovation and improve their social impact.

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