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The Conduct Change Charter is a programme of behavioural change that is rooted in the prevention of workplace bullying. The Charter embeds agreed behaviours and culture across all parts of the organisation and, most importantly, ensures that these are regularly measured, reviewed and acted on, creating dynamic conduct change.

We are recruiting organisations to join a pilot 12-month programme to help them develop behavioural standards, frameworks and interventions that support healthy, productive relationships between individuals and organisations.  Working with the client project owner, the programme will be delivered collaboratively with Conduct Change practitioners, academics and advisors. An organisation-wide, cross-department, multi-strategy approach is essential for this work to be effective: it must be sponsored and promoted at C-suite / Director level.

The programme has been designed by academics and experts whose work focuses on prevention and resolution of workplace bullying, and building psychological safety in organisations and behavioural change indicators that relate to creativity, innovation and competitiveness.

Conduct Change 3Rs model


The Conduct Change Charter has three main components:



Prevention of poor behaviours that underpin employee negative experience


Interventions dealing with negative experience


Individual and organisational recovery from escalation to formal processes

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Programme outcomes

Each participating organisation of the 2021 pilot will:


  • become a signatory of the Charter which can be used and recognised as part of an organisational employee value proposition

  • be supported to implement and embed the 3Rs Model of Dynamic Conduct Change

  • be aided in developing a bespoke toolkit, with access to support tools, resources and templates

  • benefit from receiving and providing peer support from other organisations

  • be invited to contribute their results and findings of the programme to advance academic research

  • be invited to be recognised as a sponsor and to speak at the annual United Against Workplace Bullying Conference

The programme not only supports organisations to meet the moral and business-critical requirement to take action to prevent bullying in the workplace, but also supports organisations looking to become part of a community of upstanding employers committed to leading change.

Elements from the Conduct Change Development Model may be included in the Charter support on request.

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Coaching both the person who feels bullied and the person accused of bullying to change behaviours and improve relationships

Conduct Change Programme

Comprehensive development programme for parallel development between individual behavioural change and shifting the culture in the organisation. 

EQ Coaching

Working with an accredited LeaderFactor EQometer™ Coach to evaluate your current EQ & ongoing plan

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Personal development for individuals who have experienced bullying at work and are struggling to move on