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Creating a healthy cyber-culture: Bullying and harassment in the virtual workplace

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Most employees have witnessed or experienced some kind of workplace bullying or harassment in their careers, and around 30% have experienced cyber-bullying according to 2018 figures.

With reduced physical interaction and more or our working lives moving online creating a healthy cyber-culture for your workplace is a critical consideration. Recently, UK law firm Shoosmiths said that cyberbullying claims have “increased substantially” since the onset of COVID-19. “With more of us working from home and using online platforms than ever before to connect with colleagues and clients, the blur between home and work life has seen many abandon office etiquettes.” The implications for any business are significant. Not just in terms of court cases and legal fees but also brand and reputation, talent retention and acquisition, and the performance of your employees.

In this conversation with Nicki Eyre, Director of Conduct Change and workplace bullying expert, Tori Reichman will explore the tools and techniques for individual and organizational development to create a healthy culture.

We discuss:

  • The difference between culture and conduct and the importance of setting examples

  • An environment of safety and confidence where everyone feels safe enough to speak up courageously

  • Accountability for sustainable behavioral change

  • The intersection of culture and compliance and why culture isn’t just how your people interact with each other but how they interact with the company.

  • Ethical behavior goes further than how we treat each other.

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