what we do

At the heart of all our work is the desire to change behaviours to create more compassionate and courageous approaches to prevent workplace bullying.

Conduct Change provide an independent and impartial voice to challenge and support organisations and their employees, via a combination of consultancy, training and coaching.

We also give back through our commitment to support programmes to help individuals who have lost their job as a result of a workplace bullying experience.


Prevention is better than cure.


We believe that nearly all bullying behaviour in the workplace can be prevented through education and awareness raising.  We continuously research and update our own knowledge in this area, working with our Board of experts and influencers, and sharing ideas with contacts internationally.

Conduct Change offers a range of services, tailored for the different needs of your organisation. We offer:

To supplement these we also provide:

Find out more with a confidential discussion about how the Conduct Change Programmes can support your business, 

The Conduct Change programmes are for Businesses who:


  • are employers committed to leading change

  • want to take a proactive approach to raising awareness and changing behaviours as part of their culture change strategy


  • may have already identified issues with workplace bullying and harassment

  • are in early stages of development and want to raise awareness and embed positive behaviours and culture from the outset


We recognise that the time an individual needs help the most may be when they can least afford it.

We therefore commit to fund Moving On programmes for individuals who have had to leave employment and are in need of support to move forward.

This programme supports an individual to move on after experiencing bullying in the workplace.

They are supported to restore confidence and rebuild trust and resilience.

This programme is open to:

  • individuals who have left their employment due to a workplace bullying experience but are still struggling to move on*

Businesses may also invest in this programme for:

  • Employees who have remained in employment after a bullying investigation (whatever the outcome)

  • Solicitors’ to refer clients coping with employment law/stress at work claims

*We commit to provide Moving On programmes for individuals who have had to leave employment and are in need of support.

Comprehensive development programme for parallel development between individual behavioural change and shifting the culture in the organisation. 

Personal development for individuals who have experienced bullying at work and are struggling to move on

Working with an accredited LeaderFactor EQometer™ Coach to evaluate your current EQ & ongoing plan

1 day interactive workshop to raise awareness and help prevent different types of disruptive and unacceptable behaviour, workplace bullying and harassment

Our Bullying Awareness e-learning course has been produced in collaboration with Bob's Business, and is offered alongside their extensive range of cybersecurity courses.

The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety™ webinar, survey and training