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UAWB 2022 was held online during anti-bullying week 2022 for 3 days with live talks by expert speakers from around the world. 

15 - 17 November 2022

We also announced our new delivery partnership for 2022 with the

Applied Neuroscience Association

with heartfelt gratitude for our 2022 sponsors

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All proceeds will be used to support the work of the
#stophurtatwork project
from campaigning to supporting individuals through the
Moving On Programme 



Welcome & Keynote: Stop Hurt At Work

Nicki Eyre welcomes you to the the 3rd annual United Against Workplace Bullying conference.  

In addition, hear about the work of the #StopHurtAtWork campaign with a focus on changing legislation.


Speak Out Revolution: State of the Nation

A 30 minute ‘State of the Nation’ talk from the award winning non-profit Speak Out Revolution: This talk presents UK specific data driven insights on the systems and processes that silence targets of workplace harassment and bullying - not solve the problem, how we are using innovative technology to accelerate positive change around the world and what your organisation can do if you dare to make a difference to foster truly inclusive working for all.


Influencing change as an Employment Lawyer

Influencing change as an employment lawyer -  Isworkplace bullying or dealing with difficult employees about avoidance of risk, liabilities and minimising legal claims? Or is there another, better and more practical way?


Practical solutions to Workplace Bullying Legislation

The panel will be exploring workplace bullying legislation.  In particular, what is the existing the gap in the law, and how will the new legislation proposed address that gap?  What will that mean for employment and personal injury lawyers in practice?

What will it mean for both corporate and individual clients?