To bring clarity around workplace bullying in order to create more courageous and compassionate approaches to changing behaviour in workplaces


  • Campaign for a definition of bullying to be written into UK law

  • Create an independent body of specialist coaches, investigators and mediators

  • Support people who have experienced bullying and are struggling to move on

We choose to undertake this work on a not for profit basis, with all surplus funds to be used to offer support to those who find themseves struggling to recover, both emotionally and financially. Please donate through our Crowdfunding page if you would like to change the way we deal with workplace bullying.

Bullying in the workplace has to be taken seriously.  Did you know that nearly one third of people have been bullied at work (TUC, 2015)?  In the same year, the ACAS helpline alone took over 20,000 calls about workplace bullying.  

Like me you are probably horrified to learn that the UK doesn’t have a legal definition of bullying written into law. I think it’s about time we should. If other countries can do it why not the UK?  

The emotional impact of workplace bullying often lasts for considerably longer than the experience itself, and can continue to have a detrimental effect on health, emotional wellbeing, home life and work performance without support to move forward.

That's why we've taken the decidion to offer all Moving on after Workplace Bullying programmes on a “Pay as you are able” basis as we recognise that this support is most often needed when people are struggling both emotionally and financially.  They're now available face to face and online (using Zoom) with the first online programme starting in January 2020.

The Moving On from Workplace Bullying programme explores how to release any shame, anger, or guilt that they are carrying as a result of their experience, and to take responsibility for the impact of their own behaviours during the process.  It encourages the individual to embrace forgiveness, and to understand their power in making choices about how to respond and feel. It leaves then feeling more confident and resilient, and able to step back into life and work.

We've set up a new fundraiser to help make this available to as many people as possible.  In addition, for people attending the programme who are able to contribute, we suggest a payment of between £5 and £20 per session.  If they can’t afford it, then all we ask is that they pledge to contribute in the future when they are able, and help someone else take their next steps.  We will also use funds to train more people to be able to deliver these programmes.

If you have ever experienced bullying, or know anyone else that has been through this, then please support today. We promise to use every penny to help people through these programmes. Let them know that they are not alone.

Moving On from WorKplace bullying

From Self-doubt to Self Belief

All programmes now offered on a "Pay as you are Able" (or not) basis - please help us fundraise for those who are struggling emotionally and financially to move on