statement of intent

Our mission is to end workplace bullying through the development of meaningful prevention activities for organisations and the implementation of effective routes to redress for individuals.


We aim to achieve this by raising awareness and seeking formal recognition of workplace bullying as a problem that injures individuals and damages organisations. We will work with employers and employees, offering preventative training programmes and packages of advice and support.

The law does not provide sufficient protection or redress for people whose employers let bullying go unchecked, making the process of seeking legal remedy in these cases unduly complex and arduous. We will work with lawyers and legislators to identify and close the gaps in legislation.

Workplace bullying is a problem that calls for collective action, beginning with courageous and open conversations about the impact of bullying on both individuals and organisations. We will work with and support organisations with this common purpose at heart, and we call on business leaders to engage with us to create safer working environments for everyone.