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united against workplace bullying


We commit to fund Moving On programmes for individuals who have had to leave employment and are in need of support

Would you like to be involved? 

£120 sponsors one place on the Moving On programme. 

£720 sponsors a 6 week programme. 


Your company logo will be listed on the Moving On website, or you can remain anonymous – the choice is yours!  

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Inspire Radio

Steve TwynhaM

Inspire Radio is the truly feelgood radio station

Inspire Radio is a UK based online Radio Station. The station launched in January 2020 and now has listeners in 32 countries.  Broadcaster/Podcaster and Inspirational Coach is the founder of Inspire Radio.  Steve wanted to bring something different to the 'airwaves'.  The mission of Inspire Radio is to make a positive difference in people's lives.  With feelgood music by day. Relaxing music by night. The evening and early morning meditation. Inspirational guests from around the world. The inspirational book of the week and inspirational/motivational quotes ever hour.  Inspire Radio is the truly feelgood radio station.

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Michele pieRtneY

Acas, Britain’s Workplace Experts

Acas help organisations build positive workplace relationships to improve effectiveness and enable growth. We help employers and employees by providing information, advice, training, conciliation and other services that prevent or resolve workplace problems. Whether you're an employer who wants to make sure they're following employment law and good practice, or an employee who wants to understand your rights at work, we can help. We support good relationships between employers and employees which help organisations to thrive. We aren't on anyone's side - we tell you the facts. There's no charge for most of what we offer.

Please see our Training Page for further details

Contact details:      

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vala health

pete trainor

Vala Health, the upstream salutogenic care providers.

Vala is a CQC approved telemedicine service that enables vulnerable people to connect to health and social care appointments from home or wherever is convenient. We’re focused on cause, not condition, helping people make the best life-style choices.

They can discuss any of the issues being raised at the conference, general health concerns etc.

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bullies out

lucy howard

Providing high quality, award winning anti- bullying services to individuals, schools, youth settings and the workplace.

BulliesOut has a proud history. Founded in 2006 by Linda James MBE, the charity has provided high quality, award winning anti- bullying services to individuals, schools, youth settings and the workplace. It is from this strong foundation that we plan to grow. The scale of the challenges facing us as a society is unprecedented, with a rapidly increasing number of people affected by bullying behaviour. This behaviour causes other concerns and people are also coping with more complex mental health problems as a result of bullying.


The bullying issue in our schools and workplaces is real and it is urgent. More and more young people and adults are reaching out for help. Sadly many who take that brave step feel they’re not listened to and that they simply don’t matter. But each and every one of them matters to us at BulliesOut.


We’re leading the way for a future where all those affected by bullying feel listened to and supported. We’re here to make sure they receive support and have the resilience to overcome what is happening to them. 

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EOS Deal Advisory

ina kjaer & Maggie Brereton

EOS Deal Advisory was set up to help Private Equity and Corporate clients to design and execute global complex deals.

Future value focus: combine pre- and post-deal expertise to improve deal outcomes.

Experienced team: ability to build tailored teams of experienced deal professionals.

Unique proposition: independent and opinionated advice across complex deals.

People-centred: a way of working with greater flexibility in an inclusive culture.

Contact details:


Conduct Change logo_edited_edited_edited

conduct change

nicki eyre

Changing behaviour to create more courageous and compassionate approaches to prevent workplace bullying


Training - Awareness raising, training, and coaching using a bespoke model developed through extensive practical experience combined with the latest research into workplace bullying.  The Conduct Change Model acknowledges the need for the development of both individuals and companies in parallel to create sustainable behavioural change.  Together, we will work to ensure a value-led culture and a workplace where people feel safe to speak up. 

Coaching - early intervention to support BOTH parties prior to needing formal grievance and disciplinary processes

E-learning –  delivered in partnetship with Bob’s Business 

Speaking – contact us if you would like Nicki to speak at your event

Contact details:


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suzanne henwood


Simple, practical tools that work to change how our bodies respond to stress

We are living in uncertain times.  Change has never be so rapid, so chaotic, or so extensive and while some people thrive, others dive into defensiveness, poor behaviours and bullying. We are seeing more people than ever struggling at work and mental health issues rising steeply. 

Whether it is stress from work or home, change, uncertainty, bullying, poor leadership – we can all use a set of simple to apply techniques to change our response from the inside. 


THW Stress first aid kit front page.jpeg

This Stress First Aid Kit is a compilation of some of our favourite techniques for self managing stress and you can download your FREE copy here:




Managing employment law risk and senstive workplace issues

Talk to us about:​

  • Grievances

  • Sensitive and regulatory investigations

  • Dispute resolution

  • Employment and High Court litigation

  • Employee relations matters

  • Business reorganisations

  • Managing gig economy and platform workers

  • Discrimination and harassment

  • Gender pay gap, diversity and equality

  • Workplace mediation

  • HR data protection and privacy

  • TUPE and outsourcing

  • Business immigration

  • IR35 and supply chain structures

oakwood solicitors


jessica rowson


Oakwood Solicitors: specialists in claims for stress at work.

Here at Oakwood Solicitors, we have a specialist team of mental health trained lawyers happy to  provide a free assessment of any potential stress at work claim.


In a stress at work claim, compensation is pursued in the County Courts against an employer who has failed in their legal duties to keep their employee mentally safe at work despite being aware that there were risks present causing harm to that employee’s health.


Compensation includes damages for the mental health injury (personal injury) in itself, together with any financial losses such as lost earnings or therapy costs.

Contact details:       0113 200 9720


Download our fact pack on Psychiatric Injury 


7BR Chambers

liam ryan

7BR is one of the most respected multi-disciplinary Chambers in the legal marketplace.

7BR is a leading set of Barristers’ Chambers, based in Central London, with a countrywide and international reach and which prides itself on upholding certain core values and characteristics with the aim of achieving:

  • Excellence in legal advice

  • Excellence in advocacy before Courts and Tribunals

  • Excellence in service to clients, lay and professional.


With over 80 barristers, including 16 Queen’s Counsel, 7BR is well equipped to achieve these aims. We have recently completed the largest refurbishment in our history, enabling us to offer our lay clients, solicitors and colleagues across the Bar state of the art facilities to host conferences, seminars and training events on a frequent basis. This refurbishment is a measure of Chambers’ confidence in the continued existence of an independent Bar.


We are a set that promotes equality, diversity and inclusivity amongst both staff and Members, #WeAre7BR

Contact details:     @7BRChambers



workplace bullying resource centre

linda crockett

abrc training.png

Linda Crockett is the founder of the Workplace Bullying Resource Centre located in Canada. This is the only full service resource centre in Canada, specializing in workplace bullying, and it has been in operation for 10 years serving people around the world. Linda is a trauma therapist who offers organizations and individuals consults, assessments, training, advocacy, coaching, counseling, and clinical therapy.


The psychological injury sustained from workplace bullying is impacting employees around the world, in all professions, costing Employers millions each year. Contact professionals (HR, Unions, Mediators, Investigators, Insurance) will benefit from 6 international experts teaching, engaging in discussions, and answering questions, on research based best practises, approaches, responses, and guidance for your clients. This is about prevention, best interventions, and repair/recovery options. Prevent injuries, expedite restore and recovery costs, and timelines.  

Contact details:  780-965-7480


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The Film and TV Charity works behind the scenes of the UK film, television and cinema industry. From research to writing, through casting and production, to editing, sales, distribution and exhibition, we support the lives of everyone involved.

The Film and TV Charity provides 24-hour help to people in all corners of the industry, with a range of financial and mental wellbeing support services, including via our 24-hour, confidential Film and TV Support Line 0800 054 00 00. We give people a lift when they’re facing personal or career challenges, from illness and injury to unemployment, relationship breakdown and bereavement.


We’ve been there for almost 100 years, so we understand what it takes to keep the cameras rolling.


In 2019 we conducted research completed by more than 9,000 people that uncovered a mental health crisis behind the scenes. Now we’ve started a movement to urgently improve mental health in our industry and are working together with others who share our concerns to improve the support available and change behaviours.


Find out more about our movement for better mental health at

Contact details: Communications Manager



limelight HR

sally bendtson

Experts in providing easy to follow HR advice to Small Business owners who care about their staff.

Limelight HR specialise in working with start ups and SMEs, particularly those in the creative industries. As our name suggests, Limelight HR puts your business centre stage. We’re here to help you achieve your goals by making your greatest asset – your people, happy. Whether it’s helping you create or update your contracts and handbook or providing HR advice so you can confidently manage tricky situations, we are on hand with a personal, friendly approach. We are pleased to offer all delegates a 10% discount off any of our packages using code UAWB15 . Email to set up a free initial consultation.

Contact details:


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tcm group


Redefining Resolution across all sectors, to reduce the impact of bullying at work.

Since 2001, the TCM group have supported countless organisations in developing person-centred, values- based approaches to workplace conflict. We understand that bullying behaviours are a symptom of dysfunctional conflict, and are best resolved through early, open and honest conversation. We are experts in workplace mediation. We also work to transform overarching policies to facilitate the uptake of early resolution. We provide leaders with the tools to effectively resolve disputes at their earliest stages.

Contact details:





Make Health easy.

We are a forward-looking healthcare organisation with a family ethos and we deliver amazing results. Our award-winning products and services are underpinned by market-leading technology and a refreshing, unique approach to healthcare. Spirit businesses have saved the NHS millions of pounds and improved the lives of thousands of patients. Whether it’s our medicines optimisation programmes, our high quality primary care provision, our market-leading digital health services or our healthcare pathway services, you can rely on us to deliver, brilliantly.

Contact details: +44 (0) 800 881 5423

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PNC virtual.JPG

Paul Norrington Consulting LTD

paul norrington

Virtual Event Design & Delivery | Helping virtual trainers and facilitators achieve excellence.

Paul has specialised in the design and implementation of virtual events and live online learning for over 10 years. With expertise in all major platforms including Zoom, Teams, Adobe Connect, WebEx and Blue Jeans, Paul can help you achieve maximum impact with your webinars and virtual classroom events. Such is his experience in virtual delivery, Paul spends much of his time running virtual facilitation skills programmes for other trainers and facilitators.

Contact details:  

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Zoom Pre-flight Checks:
20 Steps to Ensure Your Session Flies!


vault platform

Tori reichman

Vault Platform is pioneering “TrustTech,” a new category of workplace technology solving a major problem for enterprise compliance, risk, and HR.

Designed to enable a culture where it is safe to speak up, the Vault app creates a confidential space for employees to submit records of misconduct they experience or witness.

With an enterprise-grade case management hub and insights dashboard, Vault Platform is key to driving out harmful workplace behaviors from discrimination and harassment through fraud and corruption. This mitigates significant financial, reputational, and resource risks for any organization.

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british beauty council

millie kendal MBE

Supporting a Successful, innovation and inclusive British beauty industry.

he British Beauty Council was founded to represent the voices, opinions and needs of the British beauty industry – from hairdressing to cosmetics, cosmetic surgery, therapy and spa; in education and training; and from formulation to manufacture, supply, logistics packaging, design, retail and media.

We are a not-for-profit, inclusive organisation that works to engage policy makers and business leaders about the value of British beauty to the national economy, and its key role in the UK’s creative and cultural character.

Our ambition is to ensure that the beauty industry is recognised and valued at all levels of government, throughout the wider economy and by consumers, as well as supporting a successful, innovative and inclusive British beauty industry. 

Contact details:    

Become a member today:

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Leaderfactor_Logo (1) (5).png

leader factor

Teach, measure, and improve psychological safety..

LeaderFactor is a consulting and training organization that focuses on emotional intelligence and psychological safety and the relationship they have with inclusion and innovation. Through cutting edge content, technology, and design, LeaderFactor partners with organizations to teach, measure, and improve these areas. Become certified:

Contact details:,

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Bob's business

Neil Frost

Two Free Exclusive Workforce Training Courses for UAWB Attendees

Bob’s Business, the cyber security culture company, is proud to offer two free workforce training courses exclusively for UAWB conference attendees; ‘Bullying Awareness’, produced in conjunction with Conduct Change, and ‘Home Working’. 


Together, they help your team understand what workplace bullying is, the forms it takes and how to prevent it, as well as how to work safely and happily from home during the pandemic. 

Available until 11/12/2020, both courses can be accessed by clicking HERE.


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Pat Ferris Consulting

Pat Ferris

abrc training.png

Internationally Recognized Expert in Workplace Bullying and Harassment

Pat is an internationally recognized expert in the treatment of workplace bullying and harassment and psychological safety. For 25 years she has provided clinical treatment to targets, coaching to perpetrators and consultation and interventions to organizations, supporting managers, Human Resources and Labour Relations to develop and implement best practices. She provides training to employees and supervisors, consults on policy development and Respect in the Workplace Management Systems. Pat is a popular conference speaker. She has been published in top tier journals and handbooks. She was the Co-Convenor of the International Association on Workplace Bullying and Harassment, Therapist Special Interest Group for a decade.

Contact details:        Phone: +1-403-815-6624


the jordan legacy

Steve PhilLip


The Jordan Legacy CIC - Working toward a Zero Suicide Community by applying practical solutions to prevent a practical act  

The act of suicide is just that, a practical act. The journey which takes someone to the point of deciding to take their own life however, can be varied and complex. At The Jordan Legacy we don’t see an increase in suicides as being inevitable. We believe that however challenging our world becomes, whatever pandemics, recessions. climate concerns and life experiences are thrown our way, by taking practical actions most suicides are preventable.


To help support our Zero Suicide Community strategy please contact:       m: 07879 628708      

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Culture Blox-The_Culture_Builder_Communi

Simon Murphy

Supporting organisations to design, measure and build their ideal culture 

At CultureBlox we work with businesses and business leaders that understand the power of a consciously built culture, helping them become master culture builders and harness the power of their people and culture.  Culture is so much more than values on the wall, social events and employee perks, and we help businesses build past those things and into the behaviours that will bring the values to life, to constantly measure individual and organisational alignment to those values and behaviours, and to support employees and leaders to be more consistently aligned in the future.  Join our FREE Culture Builder Community to gain insight and support from our Culture Coaches and other businesses working towards their ideal culture.




High Flying Comms.png

High FlyinG Comms

Diane Benn

High Flying Comms helps businesses communicate with empathy and intelligence - without the information overload! We’ve helped SMEs throughout the UK stand out and be heard through targeted PR, social media and thought-leadership. Where the attention goes, the money flows! 




Supported by:
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Frank & Fearless by Fresh Mindset

Adam Harris

How to have focus, flow and fun in the boardroom

The main intention of having a boardroom is to provide an ambience that will speed up effective decision makings during meetings. Modern or classic, boardrooms take part in working out the deal in any firm. These deals are very important for the growth of its people and business expansion. Also, having a boardroom that makes a solid first impression will put your business above others. Hence, the great importance they hold.