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James Brown

Acas, Britain’s Workplace Experts

Acas help organisations build positive workplace relationships to improve effectiveness and enable growth. We help employers and employees by providing information, advice, training, conciliation and other services that prevent or resolve workplace problems. Whether you're an employer who wants to make sure they're following employment law and good practice, or an employee who wants to understand your rights at work, we can help. We support good relationships between employers and employees which help organisations to thrive. We aren't on anyone's side - we tell you the facts. There's no charge for most of what we offer.

Please see our Training Page for further details

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conduct change

nicki eyre

Transforming Behaviours in Business

Conduct Change provides consultancy, coaching and training solutions that improve organisational success, team effectiveness, employee and customer experiences and social purpose. ​

Our team of specialists assess, develop and improve psychological safety, emotional intelligence and behavioural/cultural alignment in organisations.  We create compassionate and courageous workplaces for the future.

The work we do is rooted in the prevention of workplace bullying.

View our Impact Report and UAWB 2020 Conference Report below:

                 Impact Report                          Conference Report

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oakwood solicitors


jessica rowson

Oakwood Solicitors: specialists in claims for stress at work.

Here at Oakwood Solicitors, we have a specialist team of mental health trained lawyers happy to  provide a free assessment of any potential stress at work claim.

In a stress at work claim, compensation is pursued in the County Courts against an employer who has failed in their legal duties to keep their employee mentally safe at work despite being aware that there were risks present causing harm to that employee’s health.

Compensation includes damages for the mental health injury (personal injury) in itself, together with any financial losses such as lost earnings or therapy costs.

Contact details:          0113 200 9720


Download our fact pack on Psychiatric Injury 


7BR Chambers

liam ryan

7BR is one of the most respected multi-disciplinary Chambers in the legal marketplace.

7BR is a leading set of Barristers’ Chambers, based in Central London, with a countrywide and international reach and which prides itself on upholding certain core values and characteristics with the aim of achieving:

  • Excellence in legal advice

  • Excellence in advocacy before Courts and Tribunals

  • Excellence in service to clients, lay and professional.


With over 80 barristers, including 16 Queen’s Counsel, 7BR is well equipped to achieve these aims. We have recently completed the largest refurbishment in our history, enabling us to offer our lay clients, solicitors and colleagues across the Bar state of the art facilities to host conferences, seminars and training events on a frequent basis. This refurbishment is a measure of Chambers’ confidence in the continued existence of an independent Bar.


We are a set that promotes equality, diversity and inclusivity amongst both staff and Members, #WeAre7BR

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The Film and TV Charity works behind the scenes of the UK film, television and cinema industry. 

The Film and TV Charity has been around since 1924 and today, thanks to the generosity of people and organisations in our vibrant industry, we’re able to offer the hardworking people in film and TV somewhere to turn.

We offer a 24/7 Support Line, as well as access to financial advice and support, help with mental wellbeing, discrimination and harassment, and a whole host of practical tools and resources.

We have dedicated resources to tackle bullying and harassment including our Bullying Advice Service, available for free through our Support Line 0800 054 00 00, Spot, a digital tool which allows users to capture key details, organise their thoughts and keep all of the details in one place, and an Anti-Bullying Directory on our website with a wealth of industry resources:

Anti-Bullying Directory - Film and TV Charity

In 2021 we launched our Let’s Rest campaign because we know people in the film and TV industry are passionate about their craft, but their mental health is too often being strained to breaking point. The campaign is an opportunity to ensure individuals are made aware of the support that’s available and for everyone in the industry, from freelancers to senior leaders, to bring their own commitments to supporting themselves and others. If you are in the industry, or if you aren’t but want to know more about what we have been doing, do get in touch.

For more information go to Let’s Reset - Film and TV Charity

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british beauty council

millie kendalL MBE

Supporting a Successful, innovation and inclusive British beauty industry.

The British Beauty Council was founded to represent the voices, opinions and needs of the British beauty industry – from hairdressing to cosmetics, cosmetic surgery, therapy and spa; in education and training; and from formulation to manufacture, supply, logistics packaging, design, retail and media.

We are a not-for-profit, inclusive organisation that works to engage policy makers and business leaders about the value of British beauty to the national economy, and its key role in the UK’s creative and cultural character.

Our ambition is to ensure that the beauty industry is recognised and valued at all levels of government, throughout the wider economy and by consumers, as well as supporting a successful, innovative and inclusive British beauty industry. 

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Become a member today:

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Jordan Legacy Hope for Life.jpg

the jordan legacy

Steve PhilLip

The Jordan Legacy CIC - Working toward a Zero Suicide Community by applying practical solutions to prevent a practical act  

The act of suicide is just that, a practical act. The journey which takes someone to the point of deciding to take their own life however, can be varied and complex. At The Jordan Legacy we don’t see an increase in suicides as being inevitable. We believe that however challenging our world becomes, whatever pandemics, recessions. climate concerns and life experiences are thrown our way, by taking practical actions most suicides are preventable.

Hope for Life Conference - An inspiring day of speakers sharing stories of hope overcoming adversity at this suicide prevention.

Get your tickets for the #Hopeforlife Conference here.

Contact details:       07879 628708      

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CSquared Colour 3.jpeg
CSquared Colour 1.jpeg

Csquared Team Consulting LLC

Megan Carle

CSquared Team Consulting LLC aim to Inspire, catalyse, and connect people and brands to accelerate greatness. 

We are Megan and Chris Carle. Between the two of us, we have 55 years of Nike experience across every business unit—Footwear, Apparel, Equipment, Golf and nearly every function—Product Creation, DTC, Digital, Merchandising, Brand, Sales, Ops, Customer Service, Logistics, Human Resources, Strategic Planning, and General Management. We have driven billion dollar businesses globally across multiple geographies and we look forward to connecting with you to accelerate both your team and business needs.

Sample Services Include:

• Consumer Insights

• Marketplace Transformation

• General Management

• Strategic Mapping

• Product Line Management

• Calendar Game Plan

CSquared Team Consulting LLC are available for speaking engagements.

Contact details:         (503) 863-1590

• Brand Marketing

• Product Creation

• DTC/Digital

• Leadership Development

• Team Facilitation

• Thought Partnership

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Able and rush

David Howell

Realising and releasing the talent potential that sits within your organisation, developing your people and ensuring that you thrive and fly.

Able and Rush will work with you to increase the performance of your organisation through your people - unleashing their talent and potential - through new, exciting and innovative approaches.

David’s first book, “Speak Up, Listen Down” is due for publication later this year.

Quantum Poster.jpg

Download Quantum poster here

Contact details:          07980718872

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Civility Saves Lives.png

Civility saves lives

Chris Turner

Civility saves lives is a grass roots organisation dedicated to raising awareness of the impact of behaviour on performance of teams

Initially C.S.L was about healthcare, now it has permeated into many different areas.

Chris gives talks and runs workshops that sit at the interface of civility, complexity, leadership, wisdom and kindness. He regularly talks internationally and one of his TEDx talks can be found here.

Chris co-founded and runs Civility Saves Lives with Dr Joe Farmer and Dr Penny Hurst.


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Hr fit for purpose

Lisa Seagroatt

Specialising in Healthy Workplace Cultures

Our team of specialists are skilled in supporting business leaders and their teams to understand the value of people in the workplace.

People are the most valuable asset within any business or organisation and without their positive contribution, a business will survive but it will not flourish and thrive unless people are considered to be the ‘beating heart’ in any organisation.  Looking after your people reduces turnover and sickness absence and creates a working environment of high performance impacting positively upon organisation.

We work with businesses to build healthy workplace cultures and enjoy working with any organisation that wants to make a difference through their people.


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Laura Thomas

Your Health and Safety Strategy Partner

We work with you to embed people-centred effective health and safety strategy into your business.

From conception to implementation, from troubleshooting to people development, we are here to support you.

Laura Thomas, founder, is a regulatory barrister with a difference. She's an award winning 'Leader Lawyer' [Legal 500 - 2019] who has worked for the HSE and as a Deputy Traffic Commissioner but, uniquely, has also worked in industry in risk, quality, health, safety and environmental leadership roles.


Contact details:           07818 054025

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SPEAK OUT (6).png

Speak Out Revolution

Speak Out Revolution is changing the future of our workplaces

Speak Out Revolution is a not-for-profit, founded in 2020, on a mission to cancel the culture of silence on harassment and bullying in our workplaces.

To achieve this mission they are collecting data on the issue sourced via experiences shared in the Speak Out Survey, with these insights displayed on the Speak Out Dashboard to increase transparency and empower everyone to advocate for organisational change.

Born from these insights is the Speak Out Academy, a space where organisations can gain an understanding of how to create more inclusive and safe workplaces through insightful programmes.


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Slab Cover.jpg

Matt Paknis Leadership Development

Matt Paknis

Transferring Great Lessons in Sports and Leadership to Benefit Organisational Outcomes

Matt Paknis provides leadership, management, and organisational development programs, talks, retreats, and one on one coaching to organisations world wide. Drawing from exceptional athletic, educational, and professional experiences and tools, interventions are engaging, beneficial, and measured to track impact.

Matt's book Successful Leaders Aren't Bullies presents actual bullying cases he has experienced and addressed in the workplace with clients over the past twenty-six years. The book aims to empower good leaders to choose leadership and to understand the benefits of leading with healthy behaviours and to intervene to stop bullying. It will inspire and mobilise bullied victims to overcome and to thrive by presenting examples of resilient and healthy individuals and organisations.


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Taye Training

Tammy Banks

Our mission is to deliver high quality, affordable and effective training and consultancy.

We believe passionately in the power of training and consultancy to change lives, both of the delegates and their service users.

At Taye we believe quality, values-led training has the power to transform lives. Our roots are in safeguarding, and we recruit true operational experts and tailor to the specific needs of the organisation. With one aim – to help them deliver safe services.

Assess your training and consultancy for FREE here:  and receive our bestselling book as a thank you.

Join our values-led community of trainers and consultants here.

Listen to our free podcasts:


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Neuro-informed ltd

Naomi Glover

Neuro-Informed™ is transforming organisational change, brain-health, leadership and culture by making emerging brain-science accessible to organisations of all sizes.

At Neuro-Informed Ltd, we specialise in translating emerging brain science into straightforward practical applications. Our strategies, coaching and training approaches provide evidence-based solutions for organisations who put their people first.   

Industry leaders such as Google and Microsoft engage neuroscientists to inform their strategies and as brain-science accelerates, understanding it is transformative for informing organisational change, brain health and culture.

Our bespoke training and Neuro-Informed Certification is designed to proactively improve brain health, leadership and psychological safety, bringing organisations to the forefront of their respective fields.

We believe that everyone deserves to benefit from understanding their brain and knowing their mind.  We'd love to work with you and your organisation for better performance and wellbeing. To support the amazing work of the Conduct Change Foundation, 10% of Profits from Neuro-Informed services booked in 2021 will be donated to the foundation when you book using code CONDUCTCHANGE.


Contact details:

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BMR_Logo CMYK FINAL-02 png.png

BMR Health and Wellbeing Limited

Sheila Lord

Proactive workplace mental health programs aligned to ISO45003 that go beyond MHFA, fruit bowls and yoga.

BMR works with businesses to focus on the source of employee stress and not the symptom. In doing so businesses are able to reduce the potential for work-related stress in a systemic and data driven way so that they are able to track and measure the impact of their wellbeing initiatives whilst improving the bottom line and fulfilling their legal duty of care obligations. A win, win for both employees and employers. 

In addition, we are the UK partner for FlourishDx - a digital solution for managing psychological risk in the workplace. 

We also host a regular podcast for Psychological health and safety in the workplace:


Contact details:     

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Bullies Out

Lucy Howard

We are one of the UK’s most dedicated and ambitious anti-bullying charities.

Our award winning work is delivered across the UK and each year, through our work with individuals, schools, youth and community settings and the workplace, we provide education, training and support to thousands of people.

Through our innovative, interactive workshops and training programmes, we use our experience, energy and passion to focus on awareness, prevention, building empathy and positive peer relationships all of which are crucial in creating a nurturing environment in which young people and adults can thrive.


Contact details:             Registered Charity Number 1123070

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Dave Gregson logo.png

Important to, important for

Dave Gregson

Provide education and training to businesses and schools on the subjects of workplace bullying, Autism awareness and mental health.

It’s Important To: 

understand that many people face daily challenges due to neurodiversity issues or mental health concerns at work and that this can be exceptionally challenging. Also, to ensure that those who face these challenges receive the same respect, equality and protection as their colleagues when experiencing workplace discrimination or bullying.

It’s Important For: 

employers and business owners to recognise when employees are experiencing difficulty or are in need of additional support, and to have the proper training and strategies in place to ensure that the support is available and delivered effectively and with respect.

Contact details:


Dave Gregson writes

Dave Gregson

Dave is a leading advocate for equality, disability rights, and animal welfare.

Since 2020, he has been a published author of both children's and adult genre books and the writing supports the mission, aims, and purpose of his non for profit, Important to, Important for. Many books contain strong central themes of anti-bullying. Dave has also published his own autobiography.

Dave's books are available from Amazon, Waterstones,  Foyle Bookshop, WH Smith, The Depository and Goodreads.

Find more information about Dave's books here.

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fulcrum pos grey transparent.png


Conference Sponsor

Warren Foot, Rubi Palmieri & Ed Pearson

Fulcrum provides a range of solutions to corporate risk issues to help businesses thrive legally, ethically and commercially.

PROTECT: Compliance & Corporate Governance

INVESTIGATE: Corporate & Regulatory Investigations

RESOLVE: Financial Crime Advisory

Across our three teams, we are comprised of multi-disciplinary specialists including compliance professionals, legal professionals, ex-State investigators, forensic accountants and financial analysts. This means we can assemble the right team to suit your needs on a bespoke case-by-case basis.

Our 3 cohesive departments:

Contact details:

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eos logo squared.jpg

Eos deal advisory

Set up to help Private Equity and Corporate clients to design and execute global complex deals.

Our Eyes Wide Open approach to deals focuses on how the future state of the business will be delivered in real life.

Future value focus: combine pre- and post-deal expertise to improve deal outcomes.

Experienced team: ability to build tailored teams of experienced deal professionals.

Unique proposition: independent and opinionated advice across complex deals.

People-centred: a way of working with greater flexibility in an inclusive culture.

Contact details:

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Panel Sponsor:
Factors distinguishing Healthy Workplaces and Successful Leaders


Enable Disability & Inclusion Consultants ltd

Kate Dean

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Removing barriers to high performance through meaningful inclusion.

Enable Disability & Inclusion Consultants Ltd offer end-to-end solution focused support to enable organisations to remove barriers to high performance through meaningful inclusion. Through consultancy, training, and one-to-one workplace assessments we offer sensible, supportive, and pragmatic advice that enables team members to work to their strengths, minimising the potential for conflict and misunderstanding in the workplace, and benefitting the organisation as a whole.

We have 14 years’ experience of identifying appropriate adjustments and enabling technologies across all disabilities and long-term conditions, particularly specialising in mental health, neurodivergent and unseen conditions. Working collaboratively alongside a number of trusted partners, including accessible digital consultants, HR Consultants, assistive software companies and equipment suppliers, we help organisations to explore their aspirations and work with them to achieve these in a holistic and seamless way. We also bring our own lived experience and the strengths of neurodivergence to our work.

Download our helpful guides here:

Contact details:

call it.png


Delyth Thomas

A new app empowering the UK Film and TV industry to call out bad behaviour.

As the U.K. film and TV industry has boomed in recent years, bullying and harassment in the workplace has become endemic to the sector.

Recently launched, “Call It!” asks the staff of companies and productions three questions every day for the duration of a project, the main one being “How were you treated at work today?” A traffic light system gives users three options to answer, with green indicating they were treated well, orange for “okay” and red for those who felt they were treated badly.

Download the app here:

Apple     Google

Once you have downloaded the app, scan these QR codes and see what happens:

For information on the app go to:

To register a project and generate a QR Code go to :

Contact details:

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Book Cover.png

Harry The Bully Blocker

Evelyn Field OAM

Provide education and training to businesses and schools on the subjects of workplace bullying, Autism awareness and mental health.

Evelyn Field OAM is regarded as an expert on school and workplace bullying and the devastating effects it has on individuals and organizations. She works as practicing psychologist, speaker, author and media consultant. 

She does not believe in always waiting for others to intervene when there is bullying and that we need to develop a social and emotional resilience framework to empower students and employees to take greater responsibility for themselves by developing skills to block bullying behaviours and survive in difficult, stressful environments.

Evelyn wrote Harry the Bully Blocker to empower anyone who feels like a bullied child, learn how to block bullies. It is based on the therapy model Evelyn developed to train psychologists, and help bullied children manage their basic survival instinct more effectively!

From December 2021, you can get your own copy here:

Contact details:

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tcm group.png

tcm group


Lisa Jay Book Cover.jpg

Redefining Resolution across all sectors, to reduce the impact of bullying at work.

Since 2001, the TCM group have supported countless organisations in developing person-centred, values- based approaches to workplace conflict. We understand that bullying behaviours are a symptom of dysfunctional conflict, and are best resolved through early, open and honest conversation. We are experts in workplace mediation. We also work to transform overarching policies to facilitate the uptake of early resolution. We provide leaders with the tools to effectively resolve disputes at their earliest stages.

In his latest ground-breaking book, TRANSFORMATIONAL CULTURE: DEVELOP A PEOPLE CENTRED ORGANIZATION FOR IMPROVED PERFORMANCE, David Liddle calls for organizations to adopt a radical new approach to company culture, built on the foundations of fairness, justice, inclusivity, sustainability and high performance.

At a time when organizations are straining every sinew to build back better following some of the most turbulent times in the last 20 years, David Liddle argues that it is not possible to emerge with the old cultural paradigms still in play. Power, profit and process are no longer symbols of a successful organization.


 Purchase David Liddle's book Transformational Culture on Amazon here.

 Find out more about David's book here.

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