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Have you ever been snubbed, ignored, silenced, brushed off, ostracised, or humiliated? How about bullied, harassed, or shamed? Perhaps scorned, passed over or neglected?

We've all been there. In all of its forms, fear activates the pain centres of the brain and triggers the self-censoring instinct – paralysing performance, freezing initiative, and smothering innovation.

Using the LeaderFactor 4 Stages Model, we will support you to create psychological safety – the lubricating oil of human interaction in any social setting – to unleash the potential of individuals and organizations.

What is Psychological Safety?

Psychological safety is a condition in which human beings feel:

  1. included

  2. safe to learn

  3. safe to contribute

  4. safe to challenge the status quo – all without fear of being embarrassed, marginalized, or punished in some way.


The 4 stages of psychological safety is a universal pattern that reflects the natural progression of human needs in social settings. When teams,  organizations, and social units of all kinds progress through the four stages, they create deeply inclusive environments, accelerate learning, increase contribution, and stimulate innovation.

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The 4 Stages Survey:
Measure and Improve Psychological Safety At Work

The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety™ is a framework to measure and improve Psychological Safety.  All teams register some level of psychological safety. That level is based on a combination of two factors: (1) respect and (2) permission to participate as perceived by the members of the team. 


  • Anonymous online reporting by team members

  • Bespoke survey offering direction for factors you can improve in order to increase psychological safety in your team.

  • Behavioural guide providing120+ essential behaviors to embed to help improve in the 4 Stages Framework

  • Option to retake to measure and track progress over time


Combine this with EQ Coaching for added impact.

delivery options

We recommend the following three options delivered as a package:

  • Webinar about psychological Safety

  • Online Survey 

  • Training session for management and leadership teams


Please Contact us in confidence to discuss your requirements.