Intervention coaching:
interpersonal conflict & workplace bullying

We assist businesses in taking a different approach to facilitating a positive outcome following  a complaint raised regarding allegations of bullying. In addition our approach may be applied to situations where bullying or poor interpersonal relationships are believed to be adversely impacting performance, team and interpersonal dynamics.


It is recognised that this is a difficult situation for all parties involved, and the proposal is for individual coaching for the two parties, carried out by different coaches to ensure that there is no potential conflict of interest.

Early intervention is about providing support processes before moving straight into formal grievance and disciplinary processes.  Intensive one to one coaching programmes available as soon as the individual feels that they are being bullied, or have recently been made aware that they are considered to be a bully. 


The purpose is to allow each party to explore the impact of the experience, and to support their own personal and professional development and wellbeing, as well as to help achieve an overall business goal of improved communication and working relationships.


It should be stressed that this is NOT performance related coaching, although the work undertaken does inevitably contribute towards improved performance in the workplace.  It is also important to recognise that this is NOT designed to revisit or contribute to an investigation process.  It is an individually focused approach, with outcomes agreed with the coachees themselves.  


The individuals are supported to increase emotional resilience, raising self awareness of their own behaviours and impact on relationships.  They will learn to take personal responsibility for self-care and self-management through the process of investigating the bullying.

If you are dealing with bullying, or even just need to explore your own situation from an external perspective, then contact us today for a completely confidential discussion.

“Nicki has a gift as a coach.  This came from her own unique experience, her compassion and strong will to help others.  She was holding my hand and led me out of darkness.  Most importantly, in this long journey, I did not realise her hand was there until I was out of darkness safely”

"Being in a safe and comfortable environment, with a coach who demonstrated the utmost professionalism gave me confidence to speak openly. There were times when I would take the conversation to unplanned places, but I felt I always had the time, space and permission to do this. Nicki would organically weave any new insights found on these tangents back into the central thread of our session."