Evelyn Field OAM, FAPS

Evelyn Field OAM, FAPS is a practising psychologist, professional speaker, best-selling author, media commentator, and Fellow of the Australian Psychological Association. 

She was awarded the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for her work. In addition to her regular training and conference presentations, she speaks on cruises and presents workshops for the Australian Psychological Society. She has recently presented a full day workshop for the British Psychological Society, (2017), a full day workshop in Vietnam for the First Southeast Asia Regional Conference of Psychology, November (2017), and for the Israel Psychological Association (2018). 

Evelyn was Convenor of the Therapist Special Interest group, part of the international Association on Workplace Bullying and Harassment, (IAWBH) and instigated four international workshops on diagnosis and treatment. She is lead author of a chapter on Diagnosis and Therapy, part of the Handbook of Workplace Bullying, Emotional Abuse and Harassment Springer (2019) and the author of two best-selling books, Bully Busting and Bully Blocking, now in five languages. She has also written Bully Blocking at Work and Strategies for Surviving Bullying at Work as well as two e’books and a DVD.



Pat is an internationally recognized expert on the treatment of targets of workplace bullying and organizational response to allegations of workplace bullying. She has worked with organizations, targets and perpetrators for over 20 years and has been a therapist for nearly 40 years. She researches organizational response to allegations of workplace bullying and target symptom presentation.


Pat has worked with Human Resources, Labour Relations, Investigators and Mediators to develop best practices for interventions. She was the Co-Convener of the International Association on Workplace Bullying and Harassment Therapist Special Interest Group for a decade where she worked with international experts on the development of treatment protocols for targets of workplace bullying.


She has presented at numerous international conferences on her work and is published in top tier journals. Pat holds a Master Degree in Clinical Social Work and a Doctoral degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology where she studied quality of life issues, workplace bullying and the impact of personal and work stress on cardiovascular disease risk factors.

Pat currently provides consultation on policy development, training on Respectful Workplace, Psychological Safety, and Workplace Bullying to organizations and provides clinical treatment to targets and perpetrators of workplace bullying.



Linda Crockett is a trauma therapist and social worker with 32 years of experience. After experiencing workplace bullying and receiving a diagnosis of PTSD, she discovered there were no resources available to people suffering from this type of workplace abuse. Linda completed her masters degree specializing in this area and is a member of the International Assoc of Workplace Bullying and Harassment.


She is also a proud alumni of the Workplace Bullying Institute in the USA. In 2010 she pioneered the first full service, workplace bullying resource centre in Canada.


Linda offers consults, assessments, training for leaders and staff, advocacy, and treatment for the injuries sustained. Linda provides a specialized treatment for those who are harmed, and a rehab program for those doing the harming. Her philosophy is that we must provide education and treatment for all parties, or we will never fully resolve this abuse. Linda and Pat Ferris are currently offering a two part training webinar. Part one is for contact professionals (Human Resources, OHS, Unions, Insurance, Investigators, Mediators), and part two is for treatment providers.

New Zealand:


Dr Suzanne Henwood lives in Auckland New Zealand and through The Healthy Workplace, specialises in enabling people to thrive at work. From leadership style and culture, through to psychological safety and education around bullying, including coaching at work and innovative wellbeing approaches, Suzanne and her business partner Sarah Carruthers, work with individuals, teams and organizations to create workplaces that support excellence. Focusing on neurological and evidence based tools, Suzanne and Sarah offer the very latest in change and wellbeing methodologies, teaching people how to create lasting change.

South Africa:


Devoshum Moodley-Veera is currently a Commercial Forensic Investigative Journalist at the wRiter of wRong. She has various qualifications in forensics, auditing, ethics and law with a total of 19 years experience in both the public and private sectors in South Africa and has experienced workplace bullying and harassment in various levels. 


Her particular areas of interest are professional body ethics, forensic psychology, protection of whistleblowers and workplace bullying and harassment. She is passionate about improving legislation in South Africa dealing with workplace bullying, education and playing a supportive role to victims who have experienced workplace bullying. 


She believes that South Africa has a critical role to play in ensuring that there should be acceptable norms for workplace behaviour. Ethical values and morals play an intrinsic role in our society and we should not be afraid to speak out. She is a civil society activist, who is active in ensuring that ethics are advocated in the public and private sectors. She wants to be part of the change regarding harassment and workplace conduct in South Africa and is not afraid to speak out to make a difference in society and believes that through the South African Constitution, everyone has the freedom of expression and should not be suppressed from speaking out.