emotional intelligence coaching

Emotional intelligence is a person's fundamental ability to interact effectively with other humans. EQ delivers IQ. In other words, emotional intelligence is the delivery system by which the individual is able to collaborate with others and contribute to the creation of value on a team.

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EQometer™ is the most advanced emotional intelligence assessment and learning platform available today. It combines the most rigorous and comprehensive 180-item assessment instrument with online microlearning and a structured interpretation and personal development process.  It guides you to explore:

  • Self-Regard & Social Regard - beliefs about yourself and others and the intent you bring to social interactions.

  • Self-Awareness & Social Awareness - your understanding and awareness of your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviour, as well as the thoughts, feelings, and behaviour of those around you.

  • Self-Management & Social Management - the behaviour and skills you bring to social interactions; your overall interpersonal effectiveness.


Working with an accredited LeaderFactor EQometer™ Coach allows you to:

  • Assess your current emotional intelligence and identify your development priorities.

  • Create a concrete 90-day plan to improve your emotional intelligence based on observation, practice, and feedback. 

  • Improve your emotional intelligence as a foundational skill to create career and business impact.

delivery options

  • Online assessment plus online learning & development planning

  • Online assessment plus virtual coaching including a debrief of results and development planning 


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