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Inspire Radio

Inspire Radio is the truly feelgood radio station

Inspire Radio is a UK based online Radio Station. The station launched in January 2020 and now has listeners in 32 countries.  Broadcaster/Podcaster and Inspirational Coach is the founder of Inspire Radio.  Steve wanted to bring something different to the 'airwaves'.  The mission of Inspire Radio is to make a positive difference in people's lives.  With feelgood music by day. Relaxing music by night. The evening and early morning meditation. Inspirational guests from around the world. The inspirational book of the week and inspirational/motivational quotes ever hour.  Inspire Radio is the truly feelgood radio station.

Contact details:  steve@inspireradio.co.uk         www.inspireradio.co.uk 



Michele pietney, sr advisor

Acas, Britain’s Workplace Experts

Acas help organisations build positive workplace relationships to improve effectiveness and enable growth. We help employers and employees by providing information, advice, training, conciliation and other services that prevent or resolve workplace problems. Whether you're an employer who wants to make sure they're following employment law and good practice, or an employee who wants to understand your rights at work, we can help. We support good relationships between employers and employees which help organisations to thrive. We aren't on anyone's side - we tell you the facts. There's no charge for most of what we offer.

Please see our Training Page for further details

Contact details:  mpiertney@acas.org.uk         https://www.acas.org.uk/      

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vala health

pete trainor

Vala Health, the upstream salutogenic care providers.

Vala is a CQC approved telemedicine service that enables vulnerable people to connect to health and social care appointments from home or wherever is convenient. We’re focused on cause, not condition, helping people make the best life-style choices.


Contact details:  info@valahealth.com       www.valahealth.com


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bullies out

lucy howard

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BulliesOut has a proud history. Founded in 2006 by Linda James MBE, the charity has provided high quality, award winning anti- bullying services to individuals, schools, youth settings and the workplace. It is from this strong foundation that we plan to grow. The scale of the challenges facing us as a society is unprecedented, with a rapidly increasing number of people affected by bullying behaviour. This behaviour causes other concerns and people are also coping with more complex mental health problems as a result of bullying.


The bullying issue in our schools and workplaces is real and it is urgent. More and more young people and adults are reaching out for help. Sadly many who take that brave step feel they’re not listened to and that they simply don’t matter. But each and every one of them matters to us at BulliesOut.


We’re leading the way for a future where all those affected by bullying feel listened to and supported. We’re here to make sure they receive support and have the resilience to overcome what is happening to them. 

Contact details:  www.bulliesout.com


EOS Deal Advisory

ina kjaer & Maggie Brereton

EOS Deal Advisory was set up to help Private Equity and Corporate clients to design and execute global complex deals .

Future value focus: combine pre- and post-deal expertise to improve deal outcomes.

Experienced team: ability to build tailored teams of experienced deal professionals.

Unique proposition: independent and opinionated advice across complex deals.

People-centred: a way of working with greater flexibility in an inclusive culture.

Contact details: 




conduct change

nicki eyre

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Contact details: www.conductchange.co.uk



suzanne henwood


Simple, practical tools that work to change how our bodies respond to stress

We are living in uncertain times.  Change has never be so rapid, so chaotic, or so extensive and while some people thrive, others dive into defensiveness, poor behaviours and bullying. We are seeing more people than ever struggling at work and mental health issues rising steeply. 

Whether it is stress from work or home, change, uncertainty, bullying, poor leadership – we can all use a set of simple to apply techniques to change our response from the inside.  This Stress First Aid Kit is a compilation of some of our favourite techniques for self managing stress and you can download your FREE copy here https://the-healthy-workplace.com/.




Managing employment law risk and senstive workplace issues

Talk to us about:​

  • Grievances

  • Sensitive and regulatory investigations

  • Dispute resolution

  • Employment and High Court litigation

  • Employee relations matters

  • Business reorganisations

  • Managing gig economy and platform workers

  • Discrimination and harassment

  • Gender pay gap, diversity and equality

  • Workplace mediation

  • HR data protection and privacy

  • TUPE and outsourcing

  • Business immigration

  • IR35 and supply chain structures

Contact details:  @kemplittle  hello@kemplittle.com www.kemplittle.com

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