the conduct change model
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Our unique Conduct Change Model (TM pending), it is flexible enough to adapt for people at any level of the organisation. Awareness raising, training, and coaching using a bespoke model developed through extensive practical experience combined with the latest research into workplace bullying.


The Conduct Change Model acknowledges the need for the development of both individuals and companies in parallel to create sustainable behavioural change.  Together, we will work to ensure a value-led culture and a workplace where people feel safe to speak up.

What can you expect to achieve?

  • Lead with greater emotional intelligence

  • Embed value driven, healthy working practices into strategy and practice

  • Save staff time and money on disputes through recognising and implementing early intervention and resolution approaches

  • Reduce sickness and absenteeism

  • Higher staff retention, reducing the costs of recruiting and replacement

  • Improve staff relationships and morale

  • Increase motivation, engagement and performance

  • Embed the essential foundations for a culture of positive challenge, creativity and innovation

  • Enhance the organisation’s reputation as an employer, attracting the best people

The core modules comprise:

  1. The Need for Change explores internal and external factors that contribute to acceptance of the need for change at both an individual and organisational level

  2. Bullying & Harassment Awareness* of the harmful effects of workplace bullying on both organisations and their employees, and different approaches to be implemented

  3. Emotional Intelligence: Start with your Self develops self awareness and emotional responsiveness, encouraging personal responsibility for behaviour and the creation of a reflective development plan

  4. The Healthy Organiation reaffirms employee wellbeing as a joint responsibility, taking into account individual habits alongside the need for organisationally led healthy working practices

  5. Emotional Intelligence: Connecting with Others explores connection, communication and collaboration, and how we impact on others.  

  6. Empathy in Conflict - Creating Psychological safety creates opportunities to put emotional intelligence into action through shifting perspectives, remaining objective, and using challenge for creativity and innovation

  7. Compassionate Culture where there is trust, value and respect, and everyone feels safe to speak up

  8. Dynamic Conduct Change keeping the momentum by planning for continuous, accountable and sustainable behavioural and cultural change


our services


Coaching both the person who feels bullied and the person accused of bullying to change behaviours and improve relationships

Conduct Change Programme

Comprehensive development programme for parallel development between individual behavioural change and shifting the culture in the organisation. 

EQ Coaching

Working with an accredited LeaderFactor EQometer™ Coach to evaluate your current EQ & ongoing plan

Moving On

Personal development for individuals who have experienced bullying at work and are struggling to move on

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