workplace bullying AWARENESS

“Bullying is a strong word. It takes a strong person to actually accuse someone of being a bully”



What can you expect to achieve?

This one day workshop is designed to raise awareness and help prevent different types of disruptive and unacceptable behaviour, workplace bullying and harassment

The workshop covers:

  • Definitions of bullying, cyberbullying and harassment

  • Different forms and behaviours that bullying can take in the workplace

  • The bullying relationship – what makes someone bully?

  • Differentiating between performance and conduct

  • Professional, personal and emotional impact of being bullied in the workplace through a first hand account and a range of case studies

  • Different approaches for dealing with workplace bullying

  • The role of emotional intelligence and our own behaviour patterns when handling conflict

  • Changes you commit to/want to make


Who is this for?

The workshop is suitable for staff at all levels throughout organisations, and particularly:

  • Board members and senior leadership teams

  • HR and Organisational Development professionals

  • Anyone who is leading and managing staff

  • Anyone who has observed bullying in the workplace and wants to understand more​


Remote delivery - ZOOM

2 x 3 hours sessions -   facilitated, interactive workshops

Maximum of 15 Attendees

Face to Face delivery

1 Day workshop delivered at your premises or an agreed location

Maximum of 15 Attendees

Please Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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This programme has been accredited through the CPD Standards Office for

6 CPD hours


for each attendee.

“I hadn’t fully considered how the experience impacts the behaviour of the person being bullied before”

“Nicki’s approach was really successful in helping to raise awareness and move us forward, both individually and as a team.  Being able to communicate with each other, without judgment, allowed us to look at the problems, and we were supported to set achievable goals that we could put into place quickly.  It’s been a really effective programme to enable change to take place, and we would definitely work with Nicki again.”

"An enlightening session, opened my eyes to how easy it is not to acknowledge bullying"

"A really great day, lots of thought provoking content. Would highly recommend all businesses who care about their people attend this course! All my team had a super day."