ian smith

Ian Smith tells you his reasons for becoming an Ambassador in his own words in the video:


Sally has over 15 years’ HR experience working for high-profile companies, such as the BBC, Red Bee Media, The Guardian, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central. She also has experience of working across the Finance, Hospitality and Property Investment sectors. Having moved from London to her hometown of Harrogate in 2016, Sally set up her own company, Limelight HR to help creative businesses who could benefit from her expertise; people who saw the potential in their staff, but who didn’t have access to HR support as a small, growing company.


Sally has dealt with numerous cases of bullying and harassment over the years and has found a flexible, considered and people-focused approach has been key to reaching a positive outcome for all involved. Sally believes that everyone has a right to be happy at work; happy people means happy bosses which leads to a productive, fun, supportive workplace.  This is why Sally is a passionate supporter of Conduct Change and would like to see a fundamental change in the way bullying and harassment are recognised and approached.


It could be very easy for some people to judge Andy, also known as Very Inky Dude purely based on his many tattoos, but you would be missing out on so much if you don't get to know the warm, caring and positive man behind the ink.

Andy loves to live life to the full.  The tattoos led him to diversify his career by becoming a model and style influencer.  Nothing fulfills him quite as much as working as an A&E nurse though.  He started nursing in 1988 as a nursing auxiliary (now called a health care support worker) at Middleton hospital, Ilkley until 1990, when he commenced his nurse training.  On qualifying, he continued working as a staff nurse/senior staff nurse in A&E/ITU/CCU. In 1997 he became a Paramedic, and worked his way up to become a field base assessor (working with newly qualified and re-qualifying paramedics). This continued until 2007 when he felt he needed a break and went to work for Virgin Atlantic for about 18 months - paid to fly the world and party all over the world, best job ever!!


Strange as it may seem, Andy missed his emergency work and returned to the post as staff nurse in A &E at Bury, Airedale and Manchester. He then returned to Airedale as a charge nurse, which is where he is to this day, combining this with modelling and promotional work by working long days or nights (13 hour shifts) which gives him time off to stand in front of cameras and go to as many parties as possible!!

Andy has been on the front line throughout the coronavirus pandemic, but even in these difficult times, Andy has remained positive, and has found time to offer support to members of staff who were feeling bullied, as well as speaking up on their behalf. 

Andy also champions the deaf community, having lost a significant part of his hearing himself (another common bond with our Founder, Nicki Eyre!), and has heard of young children having their hearing aids pulled from their ears and stamped on by bullies.  He now uses his influence to support the new Deaf Identity fashion label.

Within minutes of our first conversation, when Nicki spoke about the work that Conduct Change was doing to prevent workplace bullying, Andy asked how he could help, and was one of the first Ambassadors to come on board. 


We're delighted to have his support.

In Andy's words "Stay positive and enjoy life always .. " 

stef bricklebank

Stef Bricklebank is a Confidence Consultant based in York, UK offering 1-2-1, group sessions and motivational speeches. She has over 21 years experience of working with people within all communities.

Stef works with people to help them find their voice and gain the confidence they need to make changes.  In Stef's words, "It's within YOU!" 

She believes that everyone deserves to be heard and respected, and noone should ever have to experience bullying at work.  That's why Stef will also be bringing her skills and experience to help deliver the Moving On programmes as an Associate Coach.

ray dawson

My motivation for becoming an Ambassador is simple. I spend my life helping people with no one in their corner, the forgotten people. Many of those I meet have been victims of domestic abuse and bullying. I help them rediscover their self-worth and rekindle their long held dreams then we work together to make those dreams come true. Then they do!

Time after time, the obvious thing that could have prevented such suffering is highlighted. When bullying or abuse was happening, people knew, they looked on as bystanders and did nothing. It was simply seen as not their business, too difficult, stay quiet, someone else will stop it surely?

But they didn’t.


As a three time victim and survivor of bullying from childhood into the workplace, my mission is very simple;

Bystanders need to become UPSTANDERS. No excuses and no cop outs.

We all need to become people who say;

“No, this behaviour is not going to continue unchallenged, it stops right here right NOW”.

If you don’t, it could be you, your children, your friends or your work colleagues who become the next victim with potentially tragic consequences. Lives are being ruined by bullying. Lives are being lost to bullying.

I don’t want anyone to be like I was, standing at the side of the rail tracks, hearing the train coming and thinking this was the only way out of being bullied at just 9 years of age.

If you aren’t part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.

Pick a side, become an UPSTANDER  today.

beverley spencer

Beverley knows that the road to success is not always straightforward.  Her business, Confidence Connoisseur, provides executive and personal coaching, as well as working to improve employee engagement and motivation.

Helping high performers who are driven and committed to personal development is her passion and purpose, especially in the wellness sector.

Beverley is aware of how unacceptable behaviours can affect the wellbeing of employees in the workplace and shares our passion for making workplaces safer for employees.  With her expertise in increasing confidence and helping people find fulfilment, happiness and success in their lives, she'll also be bringing her skills and experience to help deliver the Moving On programmes as an Associate Coach.

chloe gough

Chloe is a work psychologist and doctoral researcher at Loughborough University, based in the field of workplace health and well-being. Specifically, her research focusses on workplace bullying and aims to improve workplace bullying interventions through the notion of readiness. Chloe also teaches undergraduates at the university and undertakes external consultancy work.

Jonathan Wilson

Jonathan has over 28 years’ experience working in the Metropolitan Police with much of that time in leadership roles. He was fortunate to attend leadership courses at the Police Staff College and with the military. During his service Jonathan worked with communities, businesses, local authorities, across a number of government departments and internationally. He has considerable experience in prevention strategies, legislative changes, working with vulnerable groups and partnership work.



Jonathan recently retired and moved with his family to Cornwall to establish a family business running holiday cottages and to pursue the many outdoor activities he enjoys both on and off the water.


Over the past 28 years, he has witnessed a variety of leadership styles and has seen the organisational culture of the police change dramatically. He has a good understanding of how important a healthy positive culture is to the morale of employees. He has challenged inconsistencies between leadership behaviour and policy when necessary.


Jonathan experienced being the target of bullying some years ago; a period of his life that impacted on him considerably. He now dedicates much of his time to challenging workplace bullying and creating positive workplace culture.

vicki haverson

Vicki is a certified coach and leadership development specialist who transforms what people do and the culture they work within to create engaged and high performing workplaces.

Her passion is in helping individuals and teams to discover and apply their strengths effectively to build confidence and accelerate performance.

After working with and within organisations for over 20 years both in the UK, Middle East, US and Asia, Vicki has experienced first-hand how unacceptable behaviours can leave a long lasting impact on the health and performance of both individuals and organisations. 

She believes strongly that everyone has the right to go to work in a place where their contributions are valued and heard where they get an opportunity to do what they do best every day.