About Us

At Conduct Change, we are committed to improving human experiences in the workplace. We recognise that collectively improving behaviours and conduct leads to creativity, innovation and competitiveness as well as reducing workplace bullying and conflict. 

Our Team


Nicki Eyre, Founder and Managing Director of Conduct Change, had a varied career, working in finance before moving into education, training and coaching roles. From direct delivery through to senior leadership positions, her experience spans the public, private and charity sectors.

She experienced both opportunity and adversity during her career, including her own experience of feeling bullied at work.  She recognises the scale of the problem at both an organisational and individual level and is able to bring her wealth of experience to her role as a consultant, coach, speaker and trainer.

She founded Conduct Change as a result of her passion for working with individuals and businesses to prevent and resolve workplace bullying, with a mission to end workplace bullying through the development of meaningful prevention activities for organisations to ensure that everyone feels heard, valued and respected in the workplace.

She also leads the work of the Conduct Change Foundation as they research and campaign for the implementation of effective routes to redress for individuals, both in terms of approach and legislation, as well as supporting individuals to move on when they are struggling emotionally.  

She has spoken at events both in the UK and nationally through a range of media from events to podcasts to radio interviews, from keynote speaker to a panel member.

Nicki is a Member of the International Association on Workplace Bullying & Harassment, and was recently invited to become a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in recognition of her work in this area.

Cathie Donaldson, Associate, is a business growth, strategic change, and leadership development specialist. Her work helps organisations increase profitability by transforming leadership and business development practices and creating high performing and inclusive cultures.

Before starting her independent consultancy career in 2009, Cathie worked for a number of years in strategic sales, training and learning and development leadership roles for Siemens and Cable and Wireless. She combines this extensive commercial background with her passion for people development to deliver transformation and growth.

Following her successful corporate career, Cathie has gone on to hold senior leadership / director positions and interim consultant/coaching roles with SME and large organisations in both the private and public sector.   

A Henley Business School qualified Executive Coach, Cathie also has an MBA. Her academic research focused on the development of future leaders and the key challenges organisations face today. 

A passionate advocate for leadership reform, Cathie actively campaigns against bullying, harassment, and inequality in the workplace.  

Catherine Jordan, Creative Assistant, is a recent Fine Art Graduate with a passion for community-based creative and development events. Her role provides innovative digital marketing and a creative aesthetic to the organisation.

During secondary education, Catherine experienced bullying first-hand. As a result of this she developed a hunger for bullying awareness and building collaborative approaches to problem-solving.

Previous experience in Art Exhibition co-ordination has enhanced Catherine’s passion for community wellbeing and development. Fuelling her ambition to pursue a meaningful career within the education and arts sectors.


During her participation in community arts projects, Catherine helped mentor and facilitate various groups of people. Including sufferers of addiction, which enabled participants to explore themselves, their struggles and their future in a creative and ambitious manner.

Tyler McCreanor, Psychologist Researcher, is a Psychology student currently on placement with Conduct Change. His role includes research, particularly into the area of trauma infomed approaches; writing reports/blogs; supporting the annual conference, as well as bringing his insights into other ways he can support the growing business.

Tyler wanted to develop his own psychological perspective during his placement in a way that would be beneficial to others and after hearing about the work that Conduct Change has been doing, he knew that this was the organisation for him.

Psychology is described as the study of human mind and behaviour, and similar to Conduct Change, people and individuals are what’s at their heart. Tyler was inspired by the goals of the organisation and feels his time here will be something of which he will be incredibly proud.

He understands how traumatic and difficult bullying can be, from witnessing it in his experiences, to studying it throughout his Psychology degree. This has instilled in him the desire to help others whilst also gaining vital experience himself; believing if you are not using your time to make someone else’s life better then you are wasting your own. This is why Conduct Change's compassion drew him so much.

Adele Hanna, Sales Associate (freelance)  supports Conduct Change with sales, particularly our online solutions and e-learning, as well as sharing our passion for creating behavioural change in the workplace.


Adele brings vast experience in helping to find solutions to client's requirements. With over 30 years in client management, she has significant strategic management experience, strong troubleshooting skills and a proven ability to identify and implement innovative solutions. She listens to the challenges facing client organisations and work with them to ensure that the services provided are delivered and meet expectations.