Conduct Change was founded in 2019 as a result of the growing body of evidence about workplace bullying, not only through research and surveys, but also coaching clients speaking up about their experiences.  The founder, Nicki Eyre, has been through her own workplace bullying experience during her career and recognises the scale of the problem at both an organisational and individual level.


Workplace bullying is a complex area with no clear legal definition of bullying, and the words bullying and harassment are often used interchangeably, particularly in workplace policies.  Grievance and disciplinary approaches don't work in these situations, and complaints are rarely upheld.

A new approach is needed, with the emphasis on prevention through changing behaviours at both individual and organisational level.  At the same time, we need to get clarity around routes to resolution when it is needed, including through legislation.

As our work gathered momentum, we developed a two-pronged approach to creating change.


Firstly, we developed the unique Conduct Change model, starting with the am of prevention of workplace bullying, which also has the option for intensive coaching intervention where needed, and also the Moving On from Workplace Bullying programmes.  ​Through our coach-facilitated development programmes, we raise awareness of the harmful effects of workplace bullying on both organisations and their employees, and help them with courageous change.  

Secondly, experts and influencers from a range of backgrounds were recruited to the Advisory Board to guide the work and support ongoing research and proposals for new approaches both in practice and from a wider legal perspective.  Together with our Ambassadors, we are campaigning for change, and opening up conversations about workplace bullying.

Conduct Change has also committed to reinvesting funds annually to provide opportunities to support people who have had to leave their jobs and are struggling both emotionally and financially.  They'll be supported to restore trust and confidence so that they are able to move on.

We commit to fund Moving On programmes for individuals who have had to leave employment and are in need of support.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board helps to support the advocacy, campaigning, education and awareness raising work.  Members from a range of backgrounds have been recruited to the Advisory Board to ensure a mix of skills and knowledge including Legal, HR & Employee Relations, Learning & Development, Academia, and lived experience. 

Meet them here


Conduct Change is so fortunate to be supported by Ambassadors who have volunteered to help take the message forward about our work.  

Everyone has experienced workplace bullying, either themselves or by standing up for others when they see unacceptable behaviours taking place.  We have shared values and beliefs in the need for this to be talked about more openly in order to raise awareness and make change happen.

Meet our Ambassadors

International NeTwork

Conduct Change connects with experts, influencers and campaigners across the world to share knowledge and learning about workplace bullying.  

International Network

Conduct Change Programme

Comprehensive development programme for parallel development between individual behavioural change and shifting the culture in the organisation. 

Moving On

Personal development for individuals who have experienced bullying at work and are struggling to move on

EQ Coaching

Working with an accredited LeaderFactor EQometer™ Coach to evaluate your current EQ & ongoing plan

Awareness Workshop

1 day interactive workshop to raise awareness and help prevent different types of disruptive and unacceptable behaviour, workplace bullying and harassment


More about our e-learning coming soon, creating safer cybercultures through bullying awareness and cyber security programmes - we're just updating...!


Coaching both the person who feels bullied and the person accused of bullying to change behaviours and improve relationships